Truck & Commercial Driver Injuries

If you are a commercial truck driver who has been injured on the job in a truck accident, you have the right to file for workers’ compensation. These benefits can help to cover lost income, as well as medical bills for treatment you need. At Hobika Law Firm, our attorneys are committed to providing representation that is customized to your situation and the accident that occurred. We look deeper to determine if you are entitled to additional claims that will help to cover the costs and minimize the impact this accident has on your life and your finances.

For instance, if the accident occurred in traffic, there is also the possibility that you may be able to recover personal injury damages if a negligent driver caused the accident. These claims are eligible to move forward at the same time as your workers’ compensation claim, which is entirely separate.

We work to ensure that no benefit that you deserve goes unnoticed. To learn more about how a Utica truck driver injury attorney can help get you back up on your feet, please contact our law firm today at 315-327-2849 or toll free at 800-587-9559.

Some accidents are severe, and a truck driver might be disabled and unable to work for a significant period of time. If this lasts more than a year, we will help you claim benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Our lawyers sometimes file three different claims related to the same incident in order to help our clients get the most complete compensation possible. This can be a complicated process, however, and you need the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney to avoid being denied.

Injuries Not Related To Traffic Accidents

Not all professional or commercial driver injuries occur as the result of a motor vehicle accident. Even without traffic hazards, truck drivers face dangerous working conditions on a daily basis. Over a period of years, commercial drivers can suffer serious joint and soft tissue damage from the physical toll of delivering and unloading freight. Hearing loss from engine noise is a common chronic condition. Injury accidents of all kinds occur at loading docks, freight yards, railheads and warehouses.

While these injuries may be less obvious, we will help to pursue all claims that you might be eligible. Through our knowledge of workers’ compensation and other liability, we can help to ensure that you are approved for these claims.

In some cases, a defendant unrelated to the employer can be held to account in a personal injury lawsuit. In other situations, workers’ compensation will be the only remedy available for injuries that don’t reflect the negligence of a third party. Chronic injury and occupational illness cases can sometimes support a Social Security Disability claim.