Health Care Worker Injury Claims In Central New York State

If you work in the health care profession and suffered an injury at work, contact an attorney at Hobika Law Firm for a free consultation about your legal options. In most cases, your primary remedy will be New York workers’ compensation benefits, unless we can establish the negligence of someone other than your employer as an important cause of your injury.

In a clinical setting, most health care injuries involve sprains, strains or disc herniation related to moving heavy patients with limited mobility. Other injury causes include falls on slippery floors or stairways, accidents involving diagnostic or therapeutic apparatus, or assaults by disturbed or delusional patients. No matter how your injury occurred, our attorneys take a careful look at the facts to see whether you’ll have the right to maintain a lawsuit against a defendant for negligence damages.

Hobika Law Firm has focused on the recovery of compensation from all available sources for work-related injuries in the Mohawk Valley and central New York for the last 40 years. Our lawyers use their experience in New York  workers’ compensation and personal injury law to expand your opportunities to collect the money that you and your family need.

Health care workers can suffer injuries in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living centers and correctional facilities. You can also get hurt while providing in-home nursing services or transporting patients from one facility to another. No matter where your injury occurred, you can depend on our lawyers for honest advice about the strength and value of your workers’ comp or personal injury claims.

Years of hard work in the health care professions can also expose workers to repetitive stress injuries and degenerative conditions. If you become disabled to the point where you can’t work for a year or more, we can help you through the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) process for chronic injuries or illnesses.

Free Consultation About Workers’ Compensation or SSDI Claims

We only collect an attorney’s fee when you recover benefits or damages on your claims. To learn how we work to protect your right to compensation for injuries suffered by health care professionals, contact our office in Utica for a free consultation. Call us at 315-327-2849 or 800-587-9559.