Protecting Your Net Worth

Divorce always has the potential to be difficult on everyone involved, but this potential is heightened when a divorce involves a lot of complicated assets or a large estate.

If you have a lot to lose in your divorce, you can turn to the law firm of Hobika Law Firm to protect your rights and make sure your quality of life is not adversely affected by the outcome of your divorce. We have been representing doctors, lawyers, executives and their spouses in Utica, Rome, Syracuse and Albany for more than 50 years.

Full-Service Representation For Your Divorce

We will take the time to truly understand your financial picture, your needs and the needs of your children. This will allow us to tailor a strategy to achieving your goals. Our lawyers have extensive experience finding creative solutions to the protection and division of assets such as:

  • Premarital assets
  • Marital assets
  • Exempt assets such as family inheritances
  • Business assets
  • Investment accounts, stocks and profit-sharing plans
  • 401(k) and other retirement accounts
  • Primary residences, vacation homes and investment properties

Our family law team combines the legal and financial acumen necessary to effectively resolve property issues with the compassionate guidance necessary to protect children in divorce. We can handle all issues pertaining to your relationship with your children, including child custody and child support.

You Have Too Much To Lose To Leave Your Divorce Settlement To Chance

Our attorneys are strong negotiators and, as a result, are often able to resolve issues outside of litigation. When it is in the best interest of our client, however, we are fierce courtroom advocates who have earned the respect of our adversaries. We will be prepared for every possibility, allowing us to minimize cost and maximize your assets.

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