Lost Your License? We Can Help.

It can start with something as seemingly innocent as one speeding ticket. You pay a fine, get a few points on your license and move on with your life. Then, you get another and another, and you are looking down the barrel of a driver’s license suspension. If your license has been suspended or revoked, you need an experienced attorney on your side.

At the Utica, New York, law firm of Hobika Law Firm, we help motorists defend against traffic violations so they can preserve or regain their driving privileges. We understand that good people can find themselves in trouble with the law, so we offer a judgment-free approach focused on making the best of your situation so you can move forward with your life.

It Is OK To Feel Overwhelmed

The process for regaining your driver’s license is not simple. As you consider the various administrative processes and judges you must go through to get your license back, it may feel like you’ll never be able to legally drive again. That is where we come in. We know the process, we know the courts, we know the judges, and we know what it takes to get you back on the road.

The alternative is driving with a suspended license, which can expose you to severe penalties, including time behind bars for repeat offenses.

Do You Have Unpaid Tickets?

If unpaid tickets are threatening your license, you need to act quickly to avoid a suspension. We can help you resolve these outstanding tickets, reducing the points on your license and providing you with a chance to get things stabilized and keep your license.

Put Our Team On Your Side

Our lawyers can provide you with the legal representation and support you need to make things right. Contact us today for a free consultation. Call our Utica office at 315-327-2849 or 800-587-9559.