Protecting Your Right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

For more than 40 years, Hobika Law Firm has focused on helping injured workers get the full benefit of their rights under the New York workers’ compensation system. Our lawyers know how small mistakes, especially right after an accident, can hurt the value of a workers’ comp claim and invite the denial or early termination of benefits.

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If you get hurt at work, you need to do three things right away – tell your employer, get medical treatment, and seek legal advice. Ideally, you’ll consult with an attorney even before you see a doctor, and a good time to call our office is on your way to a medical appointment or while you’re waiting for emergency treatment. The advice you receive before you talk to a physician can have a continuing positive impact on the future course of your diagnosis, your treatment and the success of your workers’ comp claim.

Although we prefer to work with clients from the very earliest stages of a job-related injury case, we can also advise clients about their rights at any stage of a workers’ compensation proceeding. Some claims appear to sail right through until the injured worker learns that benefits will terminate weeks or months short of a full physical recovery.

Utilizing our counsel from the very beginning of a workers’ compensation claim can help protect you from the risk that some of your injuries will be missed in emergency treatment or that a serious injury like disc herniation will be diagnosed as a less serious back strain or sprain.

Are You Entitled to Personal Injury Damages as Well as Workers’ Comp?

We also make a careful analysis of every work injury claim to see whether you’re entitled to personal injury damages against a negligent defendant over and above your workers’ comp benefits. Because workers’ compensation only covers lost time and treatment expenses, most injured people find that a personal injury settlement or jury verdict will be far more valuable than the total of benefits collected under the workers’ compensation system.

At Hobika Law Firm, our workers’ compensation practice covers traumatic injuries suffered in falls or equipment accidents, medical conditions caused by  repetitive stress injuries, occupational illnesses and exposure to toxic chemicals, laid-off employees’ claims, and death benefits cases. For a free consultation about the best ways to protect the value of your claim, contact our office in Utica. Call us at 315-327-2849 or 800-587-9559.