Traffic And DWI Defense

No one ever intends to get a DWI, but a drink too many can quickly put you over the legal limit. If you have been arrested on drunk driving charges, we can help. At Hobika Law Firm, we are committed to fighting for the rights of those who face potential loss of license or other fines due to DWI or traffic charges.

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Utica Criminal Defense Lawyer

In the state of New York, there are harsh penalties for driving while intoxicated. A first-time offense can result in harsh fines, loss of license and other costly penalties. If this DWI is not your first, the consequences are even more severe. It is critical that you have an attorney who is equipped to fight the charges.

Our DWI lawyers will carefully investigate the circumstances of the stop to determine if any errors or mistakes were made by law enforcement. The process for arresting someone for DWI is conducted with strict protocol. If any necessary steps were overlooked, thus violating your constitutional rights, we will work to have the charges minimized or dropped.

We will advocate on your behalf, working with prosecutors to bring the charges down as far as they will go and minimize the consequences and fines you will face. Our criminal defense attorneys are also equipped to fight felony DWI charges, which can result in significant jail time.

Traffic Violations And License Suspension

A speeding ticket or other traffic citation may not seem like a major problem, but the accumulation of these violations can cause serious issues. Each time you receive a ticket or a citation, you also receive a certain amount of points on your driving record. If you have more than 11 points in an 18-month period, the DMV can suspend or revoke your license. Additionally, there are costly insurance ramifications that will raise your premiums as you continue to accrue points.

It is important that you have an attorney equipped to fight these charges. This includes both the current traffic charges and past tickets you may have received. Our attorneys will go back and evaluate the circumstances of each citation, investigating why you were given the ticket. We will work to bring your points down and help you avoid a suspension.

If you already have a license suspension or revocation, we will work with the DMV to get your driving privileges reinstated.