Utica Permanent Disability Claim Lawyer

If your injury has resulted in permanent disability, you are entitled to compensation to cover your disability, as well as your permanent loss of work. Proving a claim for permanent or disabling injuries is often difficult, though. The insurance companies and defendants work hard to downplay the severity of the injuries or overestimate the chance of a complete recovery, or underestimate the amount it will take to support you and your family over a period of years.

You need someone on your side, standing up to the insurance companies on your behalf. At Hobika Law Firm, we fight for all that our client is entitled to. You have already suffered enough. Allow us to carry the legal burden and recover all that you need.

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Utica Permanent Disability Claim Attorney – Advocating For Disabled Workers

If you are suffering from a total disability, you may be eligible for claims in three different areas, dependent on the circumstances of the accident.

Personal injury damages. If you were hurt in a car or truck accident, or suffered an injury caused by defective manufacturing or construction equipment, a personal injury lawsuit against a defendant can include the broadest measure of your damages available under the law. Our lawyers carefully develop and document your damage claim to make sure that our demand covers all losses related to a disabling brain, back or spinal cord injury.

New York workers’ compensation. You won’t need to prove the negligence of any party, but you might encounter opposition to the claim that your workplace injury resulted in a permanent disability. Obtaining our counsel as soon as possible after the accident can help protect you from the possibility that your injuries will be underdiagnosed or mischaracterized. We also advise clients about their eligibility for “loss of use” or “facial disfigurement” benefits.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This federal benefits program depends neither on proof of a workplace accident or anybody’s negligence. Instead, you need to prove that your medical condition will keep you from working for at least one year. SSDI benefits can be paid for either the catastrophic injuries that occur in serious accidents or for chronic medical conditions that reach the point of long-term or permanent disability.

We carefully evaluate your case and develop a strategy based on your specific situation. Our attorneys’ experience with the investigation and proof of claims under each of these systems can help protect you from the mistakes that can complicate your case from the very earliest stages.

Our advice prior to your first medical appointment can help protect the value of your workers’ compensation claim. Our law firm’s experience with complex personal injury litigation also helps us investigate and preserve the evidence of negligence essential to the proof of what might turn out to be your biggest claims.