Protecting Your Interests During Divorce

There is no getting around it. Anytime a marriage ends, there is the potential for complications, even if both spouses intend to remain cordial. It is crucial to make sure that your rights are protected before, during and after a divorce by having experienced legal counsel on your side.

At the law firm of Hobika Law Firm in Utica, New York, we have been helping men and women get through the difficulties of divorce for more than 50 years. From wrapping up the loose strings of an uncontested divorce to handling litigation over the division of complex assets, we have seen it all and helped our clients walk away with closure.

Do You Have Children?

Your children are more important than any physical or financial asset, and we will focus on protecting your relationship with your children and ensuring that you have access to them before and after your divorce. We are skilled at resolving issues such as child custody and child support.

Do You Have Property?

If you do not have children, your property will be the most important issue to resolve in your divorce. Our lawyers will protect your interests throughout the property division process, ensuring that marital property is apportioned according to the law. You can rely on us to deliver a fair outcome that will allow you to move forward with the resources you need for your future.

The Answers You Need From Attorneys You Can Trust

When you need an efficient resolution to your divorce, you need Hobika Law Firm. Contact us today to arrange a consultation with our experienced Utica divorce lawyers. Call our Utica office at 315-327-2849 or 800-587-9559.