Utica Wrongful Death Claim Attorney

If you have lost a loved one due to an on-the-job accident or the negligence of another party, there are legal steps you can take to hold those parties accountable. Job-related accidents can be especially complicated, involving workers’ compensation issues, and it is important that you have representation that deeply understands this particular legal area.

With local ties to Mohawk Valley communities that go back more than 70 years, the Utica law firm of Hobika Law Firm takes a personal interest in the outcome of each fatal accident case we handle, whether we’re presenting wrongful death claims in the civil litigation system or protecting your right to death benefits under the New York workers’ compensation system.

While monetary awards cannot bring your loved one back, they can provide a sense of closure and provision for those left behind. To learn how we can advocate on behalf of you and your family, please contact our law firm today at 315-327-2849 or toll free at 800-587-9559.

If someone other than the employer or a co-worker was partly responsible for the accident, we will seek the full range of your family’s losses under the New York wrongful death statute.

If the death was caused by a workplace accident or job-related chronic condition but no third-party defendant can be held to account for your loss, we’ll seek payment under the death benefits provisions of the workers’ compensation system. These benefits are limited to two-thirds of the weekly wage for a surviving spouse and children. If the victim left no spouse or children, a lump sum can be paid to other relatives or the decedent’s estate.

Utica Wrongful Death Claim Lawyers – Caring For You And Your Family

In fatal work injury cases, our ability to balance proactive and aggressive pursuit of your rights with your family’s need to deal with grief issues on your own timetable represents an important feature of our law firm’s approach to client service.

While we keep our clients informed and engaged with the litigation process to whatever extent the client desires, we’re careful about keeping the burdens of a lawsuit or death benefits claim from interfering with more important matters for your family. We know from experience that many people would rather not bother with legal matters any more than necessary.

Our law firm offers free consultations in both wrongful death and workers’ compensation death benefits cases. You will pay nothing out of pocket under either procedure, and we collect an attorney’s fee only if we recover compensation on your behalf. The attorney’s fee must also be approved by the court.