Helping You Establish Visitation

In almost all situations, it is preferable that children have a close relationship with their mother and their father, whether their parents are together or not. But for this to take place when parents do not share custody, a visitation plan for the noncustodial parent must be established.

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Have You Established Paternity?

When a couple is married, there is an assumption that the husband is the father, eliminating the need to prove paternity. For fathers looking to establish visitation with a child born outside of marriage, paternity must be established prior to setting up a visitation schedule or pursuing equal custody.

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Establishing A Child Visitation Order

As long as both parents agree that visitation is appropriate and it is deemed to be in the child’s best interest, establishing a visitation order can be a straightforward process. A judge will need to sign off on the order to make it official.

A child support arrangement will also need to be established. This is important, because a parent must be able to prove that he or she is satisfying child support obligations before he or she is granted visitation.

Are You Ready To Move Forward With Your Visitation Case?

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