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October 2014 Archives

Higher workers' compensation costs possible with benefit cuts

Although health insurance is important to New York employees, some corporate giants - such as Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens - are trimming their budgets by cutting out medical benefits for part-time workers. While this may seem like an effective cost-cutting measure, experts worry that the lack of benefits will lead to a higher rate of workers compensation claims.

Work-related accident claims involving noise exposure

When many New Yorkers think of workplace accidents and workers' compensation cases, they may immediately think of back injuries, machinery accidents and chemical-related injuries. However, exposure to loud noises is a common, but not much-talked-about, concern. Occupational hearing loss has actually been a major concern for more than two decades. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 20,000 work-related accident claims annually. If you are concerned about loud noise in the workplace, here are some worker safety guidelines to consider.

What to do after suffering serious construction injuries

Workplace accidents can happen in virtually any environment. Even an employee working in an office can suffer an injury from an accident. However, there's no doubt that construction workers suffer job-related hazards on an everyday basis. When New York construction workers are seriously injured while on the job, what legal rights do they have and what are the next steps to ensure they receive as much compensation as possible?

What injured workers need to do after an on-the-job accident

Although some workplace accidents in New York are minor, there are many that are serious in nature. These accidents can cause employees to deal with significant medical expenses. On top of that, they may suffer from short-term or long-term disabilities that prevent them from returning to work right away. Fortunately, employees injured on the job do have the ability to file for workers' compensation benefits. Even though this process may seem straightforward, it's not uncommon for victims to experience issues along the way and ultimately get their claim denied.

Worker dies from construction injuries after slab falls on him

To support the country's growing population, construction companies are constantly erecting new buildings, from houses to schools, restaurants to hotels. Although these buildings are necessary, the construction process can be very dangerous. Case in point: a worker recently died after a concrete slab fell on him at a New York construction site.

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