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On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2016 | Divorce

A divorce is an ending. It is the end of a marriage, a relationship that at one point in the parties’ lives may have seemed as though it would last for all eternity. Though it can happen, few Mohawk Valley residents enter into legal relationships that they foresee will fail and end in divorce.

However, the reality of life is that a great number of marriages do, in fact, fail and do end in divorce. The reasons that marriages fail are as diverse as the reasons that people fall in love; no two marriages experience the same characteristics and, as such, it can very hard for some individuals to concede that they would be better off separated or divorced from their partners.

However, divorce should not only be seen as an ending. In fact, for many individuals a divorce is an opportunity to start over with a fresh take on life. It is a chance to live as one wishes without the expectations of a spouse who may no longer share the same priorities. It is a chance to be the better parent that one knows it is possible to be.

At the law firm of Callanen, Foley & Hobika, our attorneys are committed to helping their clients work toward satisfactory ends to their marriages. Though it is not possible to guarantee the outcome of any legal proceeding, our lawyers zealously advocate for the child custody, visitation, property division and support needs of those that they represent. Though the end of a marriage can feel like the closing of a door, it offers an individual a new opportunity to start again. To learn more about how the lawyers of Callanen, Foley & Hobika may help you achieve that new start, please visit the firm’s website on divorce.