Marital factors that may contribute to a divorce

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Sometimes opposites attract, while at other times similar personalities blend together into beautiful relationships. Love is a funny thing that often cannot be predicted, but when it strikes, it can form lasting, powerful marriages. Many couples experience long relationships that only end when the partners to them pass away; however, as readers of this Oneida County family law blog may know, not every love story is able to withstand the test of time.

Divorce occurs with frequency in the United States, with older statistics suggesting that one out of every two marriages may legally end. More current studies now suggest that divorce afflicts one out of every three legal unions but this is still a very large percentage. A recent news article assessed some factors that were more common to divorcing couples to better understand why some partnerships may need to end.

One marital factor that seemed to contribute to a couple’s eventual divorce was an age difference. Fewer individuals who were close in age divorced than individuals whose ages were separated from their spouses by five to ten years. Though for some, age is just a number, in a marriage, a number could contribute to a couple’s potential to split.

Another marital factor that may play into whether a couple divorces is the work practices of the husband. Couples with a husband working full time are less likely to divorce than couples in with a husband that works less than full time, though no correlation to divorce could be made regarding the work practices of the wife.

These factors are generalizations of some topics that may contribute to divorces. As every couple is different this blog post does not suggest that the presence or absence of these factors in a person’s marriage will lead to his or her eventual divorce. However, readers who are experiencing the pressures of some of these factors and who wish to learn more about divorce should take steps to gain more information.

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