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June 2016 Archives

Contributions to marriage may support requests for alimony

A divorce can be emotionally devastating for an Oneida County couple. Any failure is hard to handle, but the breakdown of a relationship that was intended to last a lifetime can be particularly overwhelming. Though a divorce may be a necessary step for two people to find greater happiness, it can force them to make difficult decisions as they bring their marriage to an end.

Consider a prenup if your future spouse carries significant debts

Many New Yorkers pursue higher education in order to achieve their dreams and to enter careers that they find fulfilling. Though jobs that require advanced degrees often provide individuals with higher than average compensation packages, they also often force individuals to incur heavy educational debts in order to become qualified for those professional roles. Medical degrees, law degrees and other post-college educational pursuits can be very expensive and can saddle young professionals with a lot of personal debt.

What are my options if my ex and I have a child support dispute?

It is not uncommon for problems to arise between ex-partners when it comes to matters related to their kids. In New York, a divorcing couple may establish child support parameters through either a private agreement that is approved by the court or through litigation. Settling matters related to child support disputes can be resolved through similar paths.

Financial prospects of parties can determine alimony award

Unlike in generations past, women today make up a large portion of the American workforce. All throughout New York both mothers and fathers hold down jobs outside of the home for which they earn incomes. In some families, parents swap the traditional roles of mother as caregiver and father as breadwinner in lieu of the mother working for an income and the father staying home with the children.

What role will a child's choice play in a custody proceeding?

Children often love both of their parents. However, depending on the circumstances of a situation, a child may be inclined to spend more of her time with one of her parents instead of the other. The reasons for her preferences may be varied, but in New York it is possible that the child's desires will be factored into her child custody determination.

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