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May 2016 Archives

Changes, major life events are common causes of divorce

Many marriages experience periods of calm and periods of challenge. For some people, getting through tough times strengthens a marital relationship and recommits the partners to each other in the future. For others, problems between spouses can become major issues, and some New York couples choose to end their relationships rather than continue to fight through their differences.

Know your rights regarding non-marital property during divorce

Some couples live their marriages by the axiom, "What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine." While this share-all concept of living may seem like the most accommodating way for two people to merge their lives, it can present some issues for New York couples who choose to end their relationships through divorce.

To raise a child, parents must cover many unique costs

Different states have different criteria that they apply to determine how much child support a noncustodial parent should be required to pay should a court determine such an award is necessary. In New York, many factors can influence how much money passes from parent to child through this legal obligation. For individuals who are curious to know how their child support obligations compare to the actual cost of raising a child, the United States Department of Agriculture offers an interesting online tool.