Changes, major life events are common causes of divorce

On Behalf of | May 31, 2016 | Divorce

Many marriages experience periods of calm and periods of challenge. For some people, getting through tough times strengthens a marital relationship and recommits the partners to each other in the future. For others, problems between spouses can become major issues, and some New York couples choose to end their relationships rather than continue to fight through their differences.

Although there is no one universal reason that marriages end, there are several factors that can instigate tensions in marital relationships. Particularly, big changes in the life of a married couple can induce problems that can lead to divorce. For example, major relocations and new jobs can both be contributing factors to the demise of marriages.

Additionally, some marriages begin to crumble when couples take on new major life events. Having children can force some marriages into difficult places, as can the loss of jobs or other changes that place financial stress on couples. Outside pressures, such as those imposed by individuals’ families as well as through social media portals can also contribute to problems between married people.

There are many more factors that can contribute to the end of a marriage and eventual divorce of a couple; in New York, couples can select between fault grounds and no-fault divorce options when they decide to legally terminate their relationships. A divorce can be a difficult process, but some individuals find that it provides them with a better future than the alternative of staying in an unhappy or unfulfilling relationship. Readers of this New York family law blog can discuss their questions about divorce with their legal representatives to determine if and how divorce may factor into their future plans.