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February 2016 Archives

Actress seeks to delay divorce hearings due to pregnancy

Divorces are stressful even when they are amicable. New Yorkers who choose to end their marriage often bring upon themselves months of negotiations over important pieces of their lives, including but not limited to the custody and support of their kids and the disposition of their physical and financial property. One popular actress, whose television program is filmed in the state, has an extra layer of stress to add to an already contentious divorce: a pregnancy from a non-marital relationship.

How much child support will I pay this year?

Whenever a New York resident has a question about his or her child support obligation, it is generally helpful for the individual to consult with a family law attorney. This is because every child support order or agreement is different and will incorporate different factors that are relevant to the families and children impacted by the support outcomes. As such, readers of this blog should note that the information contained in this post is not intended to serve as legal advice and should be reviewed with a divorce or family law attorney in order to assess its applicability to a particular case.

Equitable and equal have different meanings in property division

Different couples may have different ideas about what constitutes fair when it comes to the financial aspects of ending a marriage. Some may feel that everything a couple acquires should be divided in half and shared equally among the soon-to-be former partners. Others may feel that they are entitled to everything that they financially provided during the tenure of the marital relationship.

Wife learns of divorce 20 years after it is granted

Individuals usually enter their marriages with the intentions of staying in them for the rest of their lives. However, as Oneida County residents understand, problems can arise between spouses that force them to evaluate if they should stay united in their relationship. Some couples choose to end their marriage with divorce after discussing the benefits and drawbacks of maintaining their marriage, and making the decision together.

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