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November 2014 Archives

When a work-related accident leads to permanent disability

Workplace safety is a primary concern for many New York employers. However, as the saying goes, accidents happen. Despite all attempts to follow safety guidelines, employees still get injured on the job. Although most injured workers eventually recover from their injuries, some are so severely injured that they are disabled for the rest of the their lives. This can be a physically and financially difficult situation, and, to add to it, insurance companies do whatever they can to deny the claim, leaving the victim in a tough place.

Impact of falls from roofs, scaffolds or ladders in construction

Many New Yorkers have suffered from falls, and while they may seem funny to some -- as witnessed on YouTube and blooper reels -- some result in serious injuries or even death. Many occur in the construction industry, and workers and employers know that falls from roofs, scaffolds or ladders are no laughing matter. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 600 workers were killed in 2009 due to falls. An additional 212,760 were seriously injured. While falls impact a person physically, they impact employers financially.

Business owners receive hefty workers' compensation bills

Workers' compensation laws and decisions are made by each state, so while some states have systems that are fair and seem to work well for businesses, others are poorly run and managed. Unfortunately, some feel that New York seems to fall in the latter category. The state created numerous self-insured trusts so that small business owners could take advantage of low workers' compensation rates. These trusts have run up millions of dollars in debt and are now asking small businesses in the state to pay up.

Returning to work after a work-related accident

Many workplace injuries force employees to take time off work to recuperate. At some point, the victims recover and return to work. While the act of returning to work may sound easy, there is a process involved and people who need to be informed. In addition, some people may be concerned about returning to work before they are physically ready and are afraid of losing their benefits should they experience flare-ups. Here are some things employees should know before returning to their job after a work-related accident.

Can I get workers compensation if I am hurt while not at work?

New York employees may have questions about what type of injury accidents qualify for workers' compensation, since not all events are covered. Whether or not you will receive benefits will depend on the circumstances of the case. For example, if you suffer a fall at home and break your arm while off the clock, then you would not qualify. The accident must occur under the scope of your employment. But what does this mean exactly, and what if you are injured while performing work duties, but not at your place of employment?

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