Grandparents’ rights in Utica, New York

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | Child Support

When a married couple makes the difficult decision to divorce, it may seem like the only people directly impacted by the process are the ones who are signing the papers and dividing up property. However, in addition to the children who will also have to adjust to a new way of life, grandparents are also left in an unenviable position at best.

On the surface, it may seem that all the adults who love and care for any children involved in the divorce should have a say, but in most cases, that is simply not true. While child custody is always a sticky situation, the law has not yet caught up to the importance that grandparents have in the lives of their grandchildren.

Outside of a case where there is documented abuse or neglect, grandparents have little to no say in the amount of time that they will get to spend with their grandchildren after the divorce is finalized. While some states have adopted grandparent visitation laws, the idea has not yet reached national prominence.

In an ideal situation, the importance of loving, caring grandparents involved in the lives of their children is something a divorcing couple will consider. However, divorce can bring out the worst in people, and in turn, grandparents may be hurt in the process.

If you are a grandparent who believes that there are legal reasons for you to be involved in the life of your grandchildren post-divorce, it is highly encouraged that you contact a lawyer who is familiar with grandparents rights. A lawyer who has worked in this area of law may walk you through the process, informing you about any legal rights you may have as the grandparent of a child caught in the middle of a divorce.