Dating during the divorce process: should you do it?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | Firm News

Your divorce has been tough, and you may already be looking to date someone new. However, dating too early can have consequences.

It’s smart to wait until after your divorce is final, especially if you have kids with your spouse.

Why should you be careful about dating during your divorce?

There are several reasons to avoid dating while going through a divorce:

  • It could impact the amount of money you get from a property settlement.
  • It might hurt your chances of getting spousal support. If you have been sleeping with someone else before your divorce is finalized, this is considered adultery under New York law.
  • There could be effects on your parenting arrangement. Your ex may feel replaced by the person you’re dating, which could make them less inclined to want to give you time with your kids. Your ex might be worried about how the person you’re dating could affect your children.
  • It could affect your ability to settle. Your ex could judge you for your actions, and you might not get as good of a settlement as you’d hoped for.
  • Seeing you moving on so quickly with someone else could rub your spouse the wrong way, resulting in a less amicable divorce process—which will make co-parenting difficult.
  • Dating could make the situation harder on your children, who might still be struggling to understand the divorce.
  • There are many emotions that come with divorcing. It might be a good time to be single for a while. This is an opportune moment for self-reflection.

Your divorce might have you feeling extra lonely. You could have the urge to rush into dating right away.

It’s perfectly normal to be going through many feelings during this difficult situation. Giving yourself some time to sit with your feelings and work on being a responsible co-parent will be beneficial for you and your children.