You may be entitled to alimony during your divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Alimony

There has been a major shift in the make-up of household earnings over the last few generations. While men primarily used to dominate the role of earning the income on which their families lived, today in most families women actively share in the important task of providing financial stability to those that they love. Due to this and other changes, the face of alimony has also gone through a shift.

For example, readers of this New York family law blog may not know that women

are paying alimony to their former husbands in record numbers. Also, they may not know that not every divorce results in an award of alimony. In some cases, the partners may both have strong incomes and the abilities to provide for themselves once they are returned to single lives, and thus requiring alimony payments won’t be deemed necessary.

Change happens in all areas of the law, and family law is no exception. Individuals who are preparing for their divorces may worry about where they will come up with the money to pay for what they need when they were dependent on their spouses for financial income. Alimony

still exists and is still an important topic to address during a divorce.

The Hobika Law Firm manages a multitude of family law cases related to divorce. Alimony can play a big part in ensuring that a person is financially stable after they have split from their spouse and should not be overlooked as an individual engages in the difficult process of ending their marriage.