Achieve one’s divorce goals with the help of professionals

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Property Division

With one’s emotional and financial future on the line, the family law issues that arise during a divorce often end up becoming highly contentious. Whether the divorcing New York couple has children or not, property division is one of the most disputed couples. Some assets may have a high monetary worth, while others have sentimental value. Evaluating assets can be a difficult, but an essential part of the divorce process.

From child custody to bank account splits, most of the decisions one makes during a divorce are difficult, but they do not necessarily have to be made alone. Having someone by one’s side who can explain both the law and its impact to a divorcing person can be highly beneficial. This is where the lawyers at the Hobika Law Firm can be helpful.

Many people do not realize the long-term significance of how assets are split. Giving up the family home might mean lesser disputes at the time, but may lead to financial insecurity in the future and instability for the children — including, among other things, enrolling in a new school for children who are already going through a difficult time. Lawyers at our firm understand the long-term ramifications of seemingly simple decisions when it comes to property division and help their clients understand the same.

We sit down with our clients to understand what outcomes they expect in their divorce, and they help them achieve the goals that would work best for them in the future. We keep our clients informed of developments along the way, so they can tailor their expectations and demands accordingly. For more, visit our page.