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February 2018 Archives

How does Bitcoin affect property division?

With the raging popularity of cryptocurrency, the term Bitcoin has become a regular household term for many. Known as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, it gained popularity because users could transfer money to one another directly without the need for a go-between, like a bank or governmental authority. Users are assigned a string of numbers which becomes the address of their wallet where their Bitcoin is stored. The anonymity of the currency is one of its greatest appeals, especially for people looking to hide their assets during a divorce.

Can a custodial parent relocate with children post-divorce?

Couples going through a divorce are usually already concerned about how the end of the marriage will effect their relationship with their children, so when the custodial parent announces an intent to relocate with the child, it could end up wreaking havoc in an already challenging situation. This issue can raise concerns about the visitation schedule, travel expenses, and even modification of child custody. These matters have to be addressed expressly and head-on as soon as possible.

You don't have to go through your divorce alone

When individuals get married and begin investing emotionally and financially in their future with their spouse, they typically expect that their marriage will last forever. However, it is an unfortunate reality of life that circumstances change and people grow apart, oftentimes resulting marriage dissolution. For many, this is the first time they have to go through something emotionally devastating and unsettling. With their future in flux, many New York residents may not know what steps to take once a marriage sours. Additionally, these individuals may find themselves overwhelmed, as this may be the first time they are getting exposed to the complicated laws surrounding divorce and related issues, such as property division and alimony.

How complex is dividing art in a divorce?

When it comes to splitting assets in a divorce, the framework is relatively straightforward: marital property is divided but separate property is generally given to the individual spouse it belonged to originally. Technically, art is no different from pots and pans when it comes to property division, but the reality is that the law is not clear-cut when it comes to artwork's divorce in the divorce process.

Helping parents settle child custody disputes

Building a relationship with one's child can be one of life's greatest rewards. However, there are certain events that could strain this relationship. Take divorce, for example. This process requires divorcing parents to determine what type of custody arrangement will be most suitable for them and their children. This can be difficult to think about, or even agree to, because it likely means spending less time with your children.

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