Can I take steps to smooth out my divorce in the New Year?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Divorce

The holiday season can bring about a tumultuous fluctuation of emotions, with many people viewing the holidays as the final straw that breaks a marriage. In fact, this could be why many consider January 1 “Divorce Day” due to the increase in queries about divorce as soon as the year starts. Many want to start the New Year with a new personal start as well, and there are some steps that a divorcing New York couple can take to try to make the process as smooth as possible.

First, despite the temptation to put everything on social media, those considering initiating, or currently going through, a divorce should try to stay away from it as much as possible. Many are not aware that everything put up on social media could be admitted into divorce proceedings, which means that any comments made about children, friends, or the divorce itself, could become detrimental to one’s case. Similarly, it could be beneficial to study state laws about divorce. For example, knowing which laws apply to supporting documents during the divorce and to alimony, high value asset division, and child support can be critical to reaching a favorable resolution Understanding the relevant law can help prepare people for the type of questions to ask experts and the type of documents they should start gathering to support their position.

When it comes to paperwork though, financial documents can play an important role in a divorce. Whether they are paystubs, bank statements, or credit card bills, these documents paint a financial picture of the family that is useful for child support, property division, and alimony determinations. Even understanding the scope of the other party’s debts could be helpful in resolving these matters.

It’s not easy preparing for a divorce and for the unknown in a new year, but one does not have to do it alone. It might be beneficial to consult an experienced divorce lawyer who may be able to help one get through the process as smoothly as possible so they can hit refresh on their personal life as soon as possible.