Are low-income couples more likely to divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Divorce

We all have heard the adage “money can’t buy happiness,” but can it keep a marriage together? A study released late last year seems to indicate that it does.

New York residents may not be surprised to hear that the study found that money played a big role in whether a couple will remain together. The study found that the divorce

rate was higher for the unemployed. The study proposed that many people are unwilling to remain married to someone who has an unstable income. Additionally, some may find that someone who depletes family savings by running up credit card bills or medical bills is someone who is a drain on resources and not likely to stay married for long.

The study

also went on to identify careers that had the highest divorce rates. Gaming managers had the highest divorce rate, at 52.9 percent. Bartenders followed closely behind, with a 52.7 percent rate. Flight attendants, switchboard operators, and telemarketers also were on the list, all with a divorce rate between 49 and 50 percent. Jobs with the lowest risk of divorce were actuaries, at 17 percent. Once again, income may play a role in this, as actuaries earn a median salary of $97,000. Physical scientists and medical and life scientists followed close behind, with the best odds at a stable marriage.

Financial stress surely does contribute to discord within a family, but there can be a number of reasons a couple may decide to end their marriage. It may be beneficial to consult an experienced family law attorney for guidance on how to do so and ensure that each party gets the outcome they expect and deserve from the divorce.