A level head during child custody negotiations is beneficial

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2017 | Child Custody

The road to ending a marriage can be a long one and it begins with the difficult decision of actually getting a divorce from one’s significant other. When this decision is made, people often want their lives to return to normal and to get to the part where the divorce is finalized but there are a number of family law issues that must be resolved before that can happen. Experienced help by one’s side can ensure that the legalities are completed in a timely manner and the divorce finalized as efficiently as possible.

However, for many choosing a lawyer is also a difficult task, with so many options available. But with one’s own future and the relationship with children on the line, it is important to select someone who has extensive experience with family law issues and our firm is well reputed in New York for providing sound advice since the 1960s.

Sound advice is essential when dealing with child custody issues-children are often the focal point of a divorce if the couple have children and couples often unknowingly take out their frustrations by engaging in lengthy custody battles that have the potential to adversely affect their children in the long-run. Having a third party handle the negotiations and discussions with a level head, while advocating and protecting a client’s rights is what our lawyers are experienced in and we take the time to set realistic expectations about the custody situation and then work diligently to ensure our client’s needs are being met.

We discuss various custody options with our clients and explain the differences between them, so parents can figure out how to keep their children’s best interests at heart. Since a parental agreement is always preferred to a court-settlement, we urge our clients to reach a compromise, but we do not hesitate from taking the issue to court if needed. Visit our page for more information.