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August 2017 Archives

Why should I sign a prenuptial agreement?

Where the 1970s saw couples getting married for romantic notions-eight out of 10 people were married by the time they were thirty-years-old. Today, the reasons couples tie the knot have changed, as practicalities have entered the picture. With the same percentage of people now not getting married until they are 45-years-old, it seems like people are waiting until they are financially secure. This means by the time these couples are getting married, they have substantial careers or businesses that they want to protect.

Communicating to ensure kids smooth return back to school

The end of a marriage requires many adjustments and concerns to address. For parents who have gone through a divorce over the summer, ensuring their child is dealing well emotionally is perhaps the biggest concern. This may be why the beginning of the new school year triggers anxiety in newly separated parents. Not only do their children have to deal with their parents in separate homes for the first time, they also have to deal with new classes and possibly even a new school. What can parents in New York do to help their children's transition? The simple answer to this question is to communicate.

Wages can be garnished to enforce child support order

While a couple is married in New York, as in other states across the country, both parents contribute to the child's upbringing This includes education, healthcare and other financial needs. However, when the couple divorces and one parent is given primary custody of the child, many may believe this also includes financial obligations but this is not the case. Courts often order child support, which is an ongoing periodic payment from one parent to another to cover the child's financial needs.

What is the difference between physical and legal custody?

Understanding family law is difficult. When one is right in the middle of a family law issue, he or she will likely find the whole process overwhelming and complicated. Though some legal terms are commonly used, their legal meaning is not clear to a layperson, and understanding them is very important. One of these concepts is child custody.

What might count as 'income' for child support purposes?

As previous posts on this blog have discussed, parents in New York who are living in separate homes and subject to a paternity or divorce order will have to address issues related to the financial wellbeing of their children. A parent will likely either receive or pay child support, and the amount of that support will depend heavily on each parent's "income."