How can technology help with co-parenting?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Child Custody

New York residents rely on technology to complete work, make life easier and to stay organize. Parents with one or more children know how helpful technology can be, especially when it comes to communication and the education of their children. But, do divorced parents realize how technology could be used to help with a child custody agreement?

How can technology help with co-parenting? In a co-parenting situation, divorced parents are already on good communication terms and are also likely to be willing to hear out their ex-spouse on issues relating to their custody plan. And, for those in this positive co-parenting relationship, technology can be a very effective tool in the relationship to help a child maintain two households.

A shared calendar, such as Google Calendar, could help parents stay on the same page. They will remember what days are theirs, when a child has an appointment or when an extracurricular activity is taking place. Additionally, there are apps for cellphones that are specifically designed for co-parenting. This not only helps them stay on the same page, but also promotes communication.

Based on the situation, there are various technological tools that can be used on phones, computers or both. This can help parents track where a child is, where they should be and what is coming up on a schedule. This could also promote conversations about upcoming conflicts and the ability to be more flexible.

Technology does have its downsides, however. Its use can be controlled, technology can be turned off and information could be limited. Additionally, communication could still be one-sided. Therefore, technology should not be used to replace verbal or face-to-face communication, unless it is determined to be the most effective form of communication for the child or children involved.

Whether you seek to minimize or use technology in your custody order, it is important that your rights are protected. That means taking steps to protect your parenting time and addressing any disputes or issues that present themselves.

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