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On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2017 | Divorce

A marriage generally leads to the intertwining of two people’s lives. Instead of operating as individuals, the partners to a marriage often combine their money, assets, property, and responsibilities into a collective pot so that they may both share in the benefits of each other’s lives. When marriages are successful, this intermixing of personal wealth and experience can help both partners and their families prosper. However, as some Mohawk Valley residents may know, when marriages end in divorce, there can be significant challenges when it comes to pulling the partners and their children’s lives apart.

The attorneys of Callanen, Foley & Hobika recognize that it can be overwhelming to imagine living one’s life on one’s own after having been committed to another person through marriage. From knowing how to manage property one’s spouse used to handle to understanding the ramifications of child custody decrees, there are very few elements of a divorce that can be considered easy. Despite these apparent difficulties, though, with the help of supportive family law attorneys, many individuals can thrive in their post-divorce lives.

Our attorneys work with our clients as individuals and understand that different divorce scenarios require different legal strategies. Though most divorces may deal with the division of marital property, all will vary in terms of what kinds of property are subject to the property division process. Different families will need different custody and child support or spousal support arrangements; these are only a few of the important divorce-related factors individuals must consider as they work to end their marriages.

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