Make your relocation easier by working through custody issues

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2016 | Child Custody

There are certain things in life that take priority over others, such as family, friends, and careers. It can be hard for Mohawk Valley residents to balance all of those important factors all of the time, and even more challenging for those individuals who have to do so when they share custody of their children with a former partner or spouse. Parents who do not get to see their children all of the time can struggle with how to reconcile their need to work with their desire to be present in their kids’ lives.

One work event that can throw a major wrench into a parent’s custodial relationship with their child is relocation. Moving for a job is relatively common and many people will have to pick up and leave their communities in order to maintain their employment. A custodial parent can face numerous issues if they must take their career and child with them to a new place; a noncustodial parent can face an uphill battle to maintain their relationship with their child if the other parent has decided to move.

The law firm of Callanen, Foley & Hobika is prepared to help you work through the parental relocation issues that you and your children may soon face. Addressing relocation issues early can help some people find custody arrangements with their children’s other parent that are workable; readers are advised that no outcome can ever be guaranteed and the law firm reviews each case based on its own facts and circumstances.

During a parental relocation case, a court will evaluate if and how the best interests of the child will be affected by the move. Our firm is prepared to advocate for you as a parent and for your continuing relationship with your child. Please explore our website on child custody issues to learn more about our legal practice.