Options for when child support becomes a financial challenge

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2016 | Child Support

Many Oneida County residents would do anything for their kids, especially when their children’s lives are rocked by the divorce or separation of their parents. This can include staying current on any child support orders or agreements that may become relevant in the wake of the parents’ marital dissolutions. However, even parents with the best intentions can find themselves struggling to keep up with the payments they owe towards child support.

Some parents may consider filing for bankruptcy as a means of ending their child support payment obligations. Bankruptcy proceedings, though, generally do not forgive any past due or future payments a parent may be obliged to make under an operating agreement or order. As parents are responsible for taking care of their kids, financial obligations that go toward the welfare of their offspring may remain effective despite a bankruptcy discharge.

Simply not paying a child support obligation also may not be a good choice for a parent who cannot financially meet the obligation placed upon him. The failure of a parent to make child support payments can subject that individual to enforcement sanctions, including, but not limited to, the withholding of one’s tax refunds, wage garnishments and revocation of one’s driving privileges.

Though a modification may not always be possible, some parents are successful in changing the payment amount or terms of their child support agreements or orders. A modification can help a parent keep up with the important financial support his child needs all while accommodating losses of income, changes in employment and other life events that may make operating under the original terms impossible. To learn more about child support modifications and options for dealing with payment difficulties, readers are encouraged to speak with their family law attorneys.