You may benefit from a child support agreement modification

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2016 | Child Custody

New York family law courts attempt to support the best interests of the children whose legal matters play out within their chambers. While those matters do not have to be related to the divorce of the children’s parents, often children’s wishes and needs are addressed contemporaneously with the legal dilemmas of their mothers and fathers. Child custody is one category of family law that directly impacts the well-being of kids.

In Oneida County, a child may be subject to a joint or shared custody arrangement. He or she may have visitation time with a non-custodial parent or he or she may share time equally between the homes of his parents. Child custody arrangements are often created based the existing needs of a child. As a child grows, however, his or her needs and expectations may change.

When a child would benefit from a change to his or her custody schedule then one or both parents may petition the courts for a modification to the standing custody agreement or order. Agreement modifications, like the previously established custody plans, must support the best interests of the children subject to them. The law firm of Callanen Foley & Hobika can help parents work through the planning and negotiating phases of bringing a custody modification into fruition.

The needs of a child may change based on circumstances related to his health, education, or preferences. While custody modifications cannot be guaranteed, individuals who are able to present compelling cases for change often see their requests honored. The attorneys of Callanen Foley & Hobika are prepared to offer their legal support to individuals who wish to explore the child custody modification process.