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On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2016 | Property Division

Even though a divorce is the legal termination of a marriage, there are many divorce-related matters that formerly married parties must continue to address after their unions end. In New York, former couples may find themselves renegotiating child support payments or the schedules on which they share custody of their kids. They may even need to return to court to modify or end the payment of spousal support from one former partner to the other.

However, one divorce-related topic that is generally settled in full when a marriage is over is the division of the couple’s property. A property division may be completed as an agreement between the parties or as a court-led process. Dividing property due to divorce can involve identifying property that the partners share as co-owners as well as property that they hold separately as individuals.

Often a person is entitled to take from his marriage the property that he brought into as long as it was not used to support the marriage. It is not uncommon for divorcing spouses to hold different opinions about whether certain parcels of personal or real property are marital or separate, and as such the property division process can be contentious. When preparing to separate one’s life from one’s spouse, it can be helpful to enlist the support of family law professionals who recognize the importance of getting one’s property settlement right.

The attorneys of Callanen, Foley & Hobika know that it can be difficult to see your property

given to a soon-to-be former spouse, and for this reason they are zealous advocates of their clients’ legal rights when it comes to divorce and dividing property. Ending a marriage can be devastating; the challenges can be compounded when you are forced to give up the property you worked so hard to acquire. Interested parties may visit Callanen, Foley & Hobika online to learn more about the firm’s family law practice.