Noncustodial parents can seek child support modifications

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2016 | Child Support

A custodial parent may believe that he or she is in the best position to determine the financial needs of his or her kids. However, a New York parent who occupies the important, but sometimes overlooked role of a noncustodial parent may also have important insights into what his or her children really require in terms of financial maintenance. As such, both custodial and noncustodial parents have the right to seek child support modifications when such changes may be necessary to serve the best interests of their kids.

When a parent changes jobs, a child requires medical care above and beyond that which was anticipated at the time that child support was established, or any of a number of other factors change in the life of a family subject to a child support order, modifications may become necessary. The attorneys of the law firm of Callanen, Foley & Hobika, are prepared to work with New York parents to make those changes and enable their clients’ child support obligations to serve their intended purposes: the care of their children.

Requests for child support modifications must be done through the established legal process in the courts of New York. A change to a child support order legally changes the terms of a judicially backed mandate and therefore generally must be recognized by a court with proper jurisdiction over the matter. Family law attorneys, like those of Callanen, Foley & Hobika, understand the importance of following the modification process, so that their clients’ requests are given consideration by the courts.

What children need in terms of financial support, and what parents can provide based on their incomes, can change over time. These changes necessitate modifications to child support orders, and attorneys who work in the family law field are well-suited to help their clients make these alterations. To learn more about support modifications and what the law firm of Callanen, Foley & Hobika, can offer, please visit the firm’s website on child support.