New York construction accident seriously injures worker

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Construction Workers' Accidents

This blog recently discussed the dangers of construction accidents for construction workers and the dangers of fall-related construction accidents to construction workers. Several hours from Utica, a New York City construction worker was recently seriously injured when a piece of construction material struck him in the face. The falling piece of construction material that struck the worker was dropped by another construction worker at the construction site.

The construction workers were working on a 4-story building that was being renovated. The injured worker suffered a serious facial injury in the construction site accident. The worker was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries. The Buildings Department issued a violation for “failure to safeguard” and also issued a partial stop-work order for use of the scaffold at the construction site.

The construction industry can be a dangerous industry to work in and construction site accidents can result in serious injuries to workers that can be devastating for both workers and their families. Workers can suffer lengthy recover times which can be costly in a number of ways. Because of the serious nature of construction accident injuries, it is important that injured workers are familiar with the options that may be available to protect them and help them when injured.

Depending on the circumstances, different options may be available to victims of a construction site injury including workers’ compensation benefits, personal injury compensation or other options depending on the situation. Injured construction workers and their families should be thoroughly familiar with their rights and the different options and protections available to them when harmed.

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