Representing Utica workers with repetitive stress injury claims

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

As we discussed last week here on our blog, repetitive stress injuries suffered on the job entitle a Utica worker to compensation just as do accidental injuries or traumatic injuries. However, backing up your claim that you suffered your injuries on the job can be more difficult. This can add unwanted stress to the treatment and recovery process.

The fact is that just about anyone, from a worker on an auto assembly line to a truck driver to a health care worker or desk worker, can be susceptible to repetitive stress injuries. Pain slowly but steadily increases over years on the job, to the point that it becomes chronic. Medical treatment alone may not be enough; work stations may need to be redesigned with better ergonomics. In extreme cases, workers may not be able to continue performing their jobs due to the pain.

Whether you have suffered carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative disc disease, joint pain or a back injury, your on-the-job injuries demand proper medical care and compensation through the worker’s compensation system. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may even be able to collect Social Security Disability benefits. There are important considerations behind either type of claim.

A Utica repetitive stress injury attorney can help you establish that your injury was related to your job specifically, and is not just a case of “the usual wear and tear” on our bodies as we age. Callanen, Foley and Hobika is experienced in representing workers suffering from the pain of repetitive stress injuries.