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September 2015 Archives

OSHA hotline lets workers report an imminent danger

Anyone who is familiar with previous posts here know that workers in New York have certain rights and legal protections.. It's important to emphasize that they don't have to keep working in the face of imminent danger until an accident happens. OSHA provides steps for taking action in such conditions.

Helping Utica families after a fatal work-related accident

A fatal accident on the job can happen due to any number of circumstances. Sometimes, it truly is just an accident that couldn't have been foreseen or prevented. Other times, however, it's the result of someone else's negligence. And, in some situations family members of the deceased worker may suspect negligence, but it's not necessarily clear if that's the case.

Does workers' compensation provide death benefits?

Our New York readers know that any job brings with it the possibility of an accident. Many of these accidents will require some time off of work for the employee for recovery and treatment, and in these cases workers' compensation benefits can help support the injured worker financially.

Construction worker on NFL stadium dies after fall

Utica residents might expect that the higher the profile of a major construction project, the greater the attention paid to workers' safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Falls from roofs, scaffolds or ladders are a danger no matter how great the visibility of the construction site.

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