New York construction worker seriously injured in fall accident

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2015 | Construction Workers' Accidents

Let’s move from our discussion of heat illness into territory that is, perhaps unfortunately, likely to be more familiar to our Utica readers. Construction workers, as we’ve noted in the past weeks, are indeed susceptible to heat illness with the often heavy equipment and gear they wear outdoors in hot weather. But they are also susceptible to falls from roofs, scaffolds or ladders.

In fact, such an accident took place here in New York only recently. A construction worker was working 25 feet up off of the ground on the second story of an apartment complex. During the mid-afternoon shift, he fell from the level he was working on.

The worker was seriously injured and taken to the hospital from the construction site. One of his coworkers noted that he fell through a crevice, calling it a “freak accident.” The company building the complex is reportedly cooperating with officials investigating the construction site accident.

A fall from a height like this is one that any construction worker would be lucky to survive. Yet a worker may not feel so lucky, especially when faced with the likelihood of a lengthy recovery period away from work. Permanent disabilities are not uncommon when talking about a ladder fall or scaffolding fall.

Collecting workers’ compensation is often a fundamental part of an injured construction worker’s rehabilitation process. A legal professional experienced in fall injuries and other construction accidents can help shepherd a strong claim through the process from the initial filing to the eventual resolution.

Source: New York Daily News, “Construction worker falls 25 feet from building in Midtown: authorities,” Aliza Chasan and Joseph Stepansky, Aug. 4, 2015