Workers’ compensation denied because you were not “on the job”?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

“On the job” is a phrase to which few Utica workers likely give much thought on a day-to-day basis. Then, suddenly, when it actually matters — i.e., in the wake of a workplace accident that causes injury — you realize it can be quite a bit more nuanced, more complicated than you ever thought.

Let’s say you are taking your lunch break in the company cafeteria. Suddenly, someone spills hot soup or coffee on your hand, causing serious burns requiring medical treatment. Were you “on the job” if you were on your lunch break? Or what if your boss told you to run out and pick up lunch for a company event, and you suffer injury in a car accident — were you “on the job” if you were off the premises, perhaps even acting outside the scope of your typical work functions?

As we saw last week, workers’ compensation benefits may be reduced or denied completely if it can be argued that your injury was not job-related. And too many times, companies and their insurers will try to exploit any blurred lines in your case to try to deny you. But if you think that you were injured in one of these types of scenarios, it may be worth consulting a Utica workers’ compensation attorney.

It doesn’t matter whether you suffered from a sudden traumatic injury, repetitive stress or an occupational disease. The professionals at Callanen, Foley and Hobika help our clients stand up for the compensation they deserve for their workplace injuries.