Standing up for construction workers injured in falls

On Behalf of | May 21, 2015 | Construction Workers' Accidents

Let’s continue our discussion of construction-related accidents and injuries this week with a point of particular interest to our Utica readers. Falls from roofs, scaffolds or ladders are all too common, especially given just how much of their time construction workers spend up off the ground while performing their work.

Perhaps a ladder was not completely stable on the ground and tipped over; perhaps a rooftop or scaffold was wet or slick from some chemical or other substance. Or perhaps another worker accidentally ran into you while working near the edge of a roof. Any number of simple accidents that wouldn’t necessarily be cause for concern on the ground suddenly take on a greatly increased risk of severe injury when they occur in an elevated location.

It doesn’t take a fall from a great height either to cause serious injury. Even a fall of a few feet at the wrong angle or onto a hard surface could leave a construction worker with a long-term or permanent disability. Maybe the equipment you were working with also fell on top of you; sharp or heavy tools may leave fall victims with injuries that prevent them from ever being able to do that type of work again.

The unfortunate fact is that insurance companies will try to find any opportunity they can to argue that your injuries were minimal and your claim should be reduced. Construction sites can be legally complicated environments, with technicalities and loopholes that companies can attempt to exploit in their own interest.

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