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April 2015 Archives

Third-party liability for a construction site accident (Part 1)

In the wake of a story about a New York construction worker who died in a recent collapse, we'll be taking a look at third party liability for injuries on construction sites. Before we do, however, we need to emphasize two points.

New York construction worker dies in collapsing dirt accident

Let's shift gears this week and take a look at a scenario that Utica residents would likely expect to be among the more dangerous occupations. Construction work is somewhat infamous for stories of falls from roofs, scaffolds or ladders -- visually arresting images that make headlines and garner widespread attention.

Burned in a work accident? Know types of burns, treatments

We've been discussing burn injuries in the context of the restaurant industry for several weeks now, but we should stop and acknowledge that they of course do occur across a wide sector of workplaces. Considering that a work-related accident may lead to a burn injury in any number of workplaces, let's look in greater detail at what the National Institute of General Medical Sciences has to say about the effects of a burn and treatment.

Workers' compensation for food preparation and service workers

Our Utica readers who've been following our blog over the past few weeks are likely beginning to understand some of the hazards faced by restaurant workers, especially those in the fast food industry. We'll continue our discussion on this subject, but wanted to pause for a moment to encourage injured employees to understand their legal rights -- and exercise them if necessary.

Burns common among restaurant workers' injuries

When Utica residents think of health and safety in the context of a restaurant, they probably think about the safety of the food patrons are eating; whether it's properly cooked, whether it was handled by clean hands or prepared in a sanitary, hygienic kitchen. But the health and safety of restaurant workers themselves is all too often overlooked. We'll look this week at workers' injuries in restaurants, as a follow-up to our last post which discussed burns and other injuries suffered by workers at McDonald's chains.

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