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January 2015 Archives

Man buried to chest while fixing underground pipe leak

Not all construction work is done hundreds of feed above ground, just as much work is done underground. There are men and women who spend their working days underground moving earth, repairing pipes, building subway systems and many other modern construction feats. While the location may be different the risk of danger is the same.

How worker's compensation can affect New York employees

Workers' compensation is the main source of financial recovery for employees who are injured while carrying out a task during the course of their employment. Employees are barred from suing their employer in exchange for worker's compensation coverage. Every employer is required to carry workers' compensation. One of the first questions any person must ask when seeking to file a workers' compensation claim is, "Am I an employee?"

Roof collapse injures five in construction accident

Construction is now and has been for centuries one of the most important industries of man. Like nearly every other living creature on the planet, man has a desire to build dwellings in which they feel safe and secure. Unlike most other creatures, man creates structure for dining, entertainment and pure aesthetics; even the Statute of Liberty was little more than a construction project at one point in time. The skill of construction has evolved from ancient times where workers were sometimes buried in the very walls they helped build to today's model, where every construction injury, no matter how minor, is accounted for and compensation is paid accordingly.

Should I seek legal help for construction injuries?

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries, as many New York construction workers can attest. Erecting a building involves multiple elements, including electricity, heights, power tools, machinery and heavy equipment. Add unskilled workers with minimal training and protection, and the results can be disastrous - even fatal. Those who do survive a construction accident must often deal with physical limitations and disabilities. While your injuries heal, you may wonder if hiring a lawyer is a good idea.

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