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December 2014 Archives

When a New York work-related accident results in death

Many New Yorkers have been involved in workplace accidents. Most of these are minor, with the victims fully recovering from their injuries. Unfortunately, a severe work-related accident can lead to death. When this happens, the victim's family can often sue for damages. However, with both workers' compensation and wrongful death laws involved, the process can be complicated. The good news is that with the right legal help, you can help bring closure by holding the responsible party accountable.

Preventing New York work-related accidents in healthcare field

When most New Yorkers think of dangerous professions, they may think of logging, mining or construction. While these industries frequently experience high numbers of work-related accidents, workplace safety has drastically decreased in the health care field. Workplace violence has risen significantly, leaving nurses, attendants and social service workers fearing for their lives. Fortunately, there are ways in which employers can identify risk factors and provide safer alternatives for their employees.

Ceiling collapses, causing fatal construction injuries

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, but just like any other time of the year, accidents could happen. Tragedy struck a New York construction worker the days after Thanksgiving at a car dealership on Staten Island was recently the site of a fatal construction accident.

How can I focus on workplace safety and reduce toxic exposure?

When many New Yorkers think of workers' compensation claims, they think of workplace accidents and injuries such as lacerations, broken bones and head trauma. Even though workplace illnesses are less common, they can be just as dangerous.