Construction worker falls from third floor balcony and is injured

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2014 | Construction Workers' Accidents

While construction in Syracuse is a boost to the economy and provides jobs, the nature of the work itself can lead to injuries. Accidents, including falls from roofs

, can be the most damaging for the construction worker. When these types of incidents occur, the injured person will usually have to seek workers’ compensation.

A 29-year-old construction worker was recently injured when he fell three floors off a balcony. Luckily for him, he landed on mud and not concrete. The mud is believed to have cushioned his landing. The accident occurred in the morning and rescue crews were called. The man was taken to the hospital via helicopter. The injuries he suffered were called traumatic, but are not thought to be life-threatening. A new apartment complex for seniors is being built at the site. It is not known how the man fell.

People who work in construction are highly susceptible to injuries from accidents while working. All accidents are different and happen for a multitude of reasons. In some instances, the worker suffers injuries due to negligence. In others, the accident happens due to circumstances or just plain bad luck. However, depending on the situation, a worker might be able to seek payment through a lawsuit in addition to workers’ compensation. In many cases, the injuries happen because of a third party. With all the equipment and activity at a construction site, there could be crane accidents, falls, truck accidents or malfunctioning safety equipment.

In this case, the man fell from a third floor balcony while working on a new building. Because he suffered traumatic injuries in the construction accident, his ability to return to work is in question.

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