Man suffers injuries in work-related accident

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

Factories and warehouses contain a host of potential hazards, as many New York workers can attest. Industrial accidents can be caused by machinery and unsafe work practices. One man suffered workplace injuries after a metal coil weighing a half-ton fell on him.

The work-related accident happened on the morning of Feb. 28 at Feldkamp Enterprises. When emergency responders arrived at the scene, they found the 21-year-old Ohio man suffering from shock and losing consciousness. The man was taken to a local hospital, where his injuries were actually declared minor in nature.

It is unknown exactly how the incident occurred, but when a coil so large and heavy falls on an employee, swift action must be taken to ensure that the accident does not happen again. An OSHA investigation should be performed to determine why the coil fell and who should be held liable for the accident and injuries.

The man is lucky to have suffered only minor injuries after the initial shock. The falling coil could have caused head trauma, broken bones, internal injuries or even death. Regardless of fault, an injured employee has the right to receive workers’ compensation benefits for their injuries if the injuries were severe enough to cause them to miss work. These benefits are modest, but they are better than nothing at all, especially if a victim has mounting medical bills and lost wages.

If an employee is injured at work and the employer is at fault for the accident, the employee could consider a lawsuit. This would allow the employee to seek additional compensation for their damages, including pain and suffering and other emotional trauma.

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