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3 facts about child custody for New York fathers

You came to terms with your wife walking out on you and filing for divorce. You can't stand that she took the kids with her. In New York, you have rights that you can assert as the children's father. Understanding basic facts about custody here can help you as you embark on the quest to remain a part of your child's life.

Advancements in technology can mean new visitation opportunities

The online world is vast. A Mohawk County resident can practically live their entire life through their web-based persona, from holding down a job to ordering their groceries to meeting the partner of their dreams. Nearly everyone has a virtual presence, from adults down to even some very young kids.

Make your relocation easier by working through custody issues

There are certain things in life that take priority over others, such as family, friends, and careers. It can be hard for Mohawk Valley residents to balance all of those important factors all of the time, and even more challenging for those individuals who have to do so when they share custody of their children with a former partner or spouse. Parents who do not get to see their children all of the time can struggle with how to reconcile their need to work with their desire to be present in their kids' lives.

3 ways to conquer child custody arrangements over the holidays

When the holidays approach, it can be a stressful time of year. As someone who is divorced or who is getting divorced, you want to make sure your child still gets to enjoy the holidays with both parents, but what can you do when a holiday only lasts for a single day? Is it fair to split the day in two parts, or should parents exchange visitation times each year? Here are three ways you can split up the holidays to be fair to your child.

Do children have a say in parental custody?

While divorce can be very stressful for parents, it can be even more stressful and confusing for their children. If primary or sole custody is going to be given to a parent, the children may have a preference for the parent with whom they would rather live. Child custody cases can be very complex, very emotional events and children may have a say in how they turn out.

Will my ex and I get equal parenting time after our divorce?

Divorce severs the legal relationship between two married people, but the children they share continue to be recognized as the offspring of both of their parents after the divorce is finalized. Though some New York divorcing couples may find in the wake of their ending marriages the ability to equally share the custody and parenting time of their kids, for many individuals, such arrangements are unworkable and difficult to manage.

Who will get the kids in a divorce?

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful periods of a person's life. There are many important questions going through your mind at once. How much will the entire process cost? How long will it take? But the most important question on your mind might be: Who will get the kids? The answer to that question may have a greater impact on your life than the previous two.

Visitation and preserving the parent-child relationship

Mohawk Valley parents who do not have custody of their children may have alternative orders that allow them access to their children. Visitation rights can be ordered by family law courts when joint custody is not occurring between two parents. Though two separate individuals may have standing visitation orders, those orders may look very different. This is because in each child custody and visitation case, the judge must determine what arrangement will serve the best interests of the child involved in that particular matter.

You may benefit from a child support agreement modification

New York family law courts attempt to support the best interests of the children whose legal matters play out within their chambers. While those matters do not have to be related to the divorce of the children's parents, often children's wishes and needs are addressed contemporaneously with the legal dilemmas of their mothers and fathers. Child custody is one category of family law that directly impacts the well-being of kids.

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