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Workers' Compensation Archives

Does workers' compensation apply to freelancers?

Many businesses in New York turn to independent contractors to help with short-term projects without the burden of hiring permanent employees. In fact, the number of freelancers is growing at a rapid pace. This could mean serious legal issues for companies without workers' compensation insurance in place.

Workers compensation issues may arise when employees travel

Although most New York-based businesses have sufficient workers compensation for their employees when they travel throughout the country, they face potential issues when workers travel abroad, even to Puerto Rico or Canada. If an employee were to become involved in a workplace accident in another country, the employer could be stuck with a huge liability issue - including hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses. That's why having the right amount of coverage is very important.

Many become addicted to opioids after work-related accident

After a workplace injury, New Yorkers may seek out treatment, such as medications, to help control the pain caused by the injury. While painkillers can minimize pain and allow people to perform everyday activities with ease, they can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Closure of New York workers' comp hearing sites adds to struggles

Administrative hearings are an important part of the workers' compensation process, and they only take place at certain venues in New York. Recently, the New York Workers' Compensation Board and Gov. Andrew Cuomo were criticized for closing a number of rural workers' compensation hearing sites, a move that forces injured workers to travel farther to complete their hearings.

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