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Spotlight on workers' health and safety at fast-food restaurants

Many Utica residents will recall the days when just about every teenager worked a fast-food job for a summer or two, or maybe picked up shifts throughout the school year as a way to save up some extra cash. Today, it's common for adults at just about any stage in life -- especially given the economy in recent years -- to work "flipping burgers" at a fast-food joint.

OSHA fines New York hospital over contaminated laundry

Businesses have important decisions to make about operating efficiently and protecting the bottom line. But when those decisions put their workers' health and safety at risk, OSHA will draw the line. Our Utica readers need look no further for evidence of this than a recent story from New York-Presbyterian hospital.

How does OSHA help?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency dedicated to the safety of workers and the enforcement of safety regulations. The organization has a presence in all 50 states and covers most private sector employers and workers. OSHA's main goal is to provide a safe workplace for workers. As part of its job it conducts inspections and investigates accidents. New York private employers are monitored directly by the federal OSHA.

Work-related accident at national site exposes workers to risk

Some of America's most iconic landmarks are located in New York. These landmarks often represent successes in our nation's past and conjure positive sentiments in support of loyalty. Many more are located throughout the rest of the nation, but the national capital in Washington, DC is home to a large collection of monuments dedicated to presidents and nationalism. However, many are quite old and are in need of consistent maintenance and upkeep.

Work accident results in man's death

Workplace safety is vital, especially when jobs that could be considered risky are underway in Syracuse. This is especially true when the job involves construction. Construction workers rely on their employers to ensure that the site is up to code and free of unnecessary dangers. Many work-related accident claims are a product of there being violations that the employer didn't take care to prevent. If a worker is injured or killed as a result of a work accident, the worker and his or her family have a right to seek compensation.

New figures show 5-year high in accidents for oil, gas industry

It is no secret that the oil and gas industry is a thriving business sector that continually brings in new employees. It is also no secret that the oil and gas industry is a labor-intensive and dangerous industry that has its fair share of workplace accidents. As a result, many employees die or suffer catastrophic injuries that change their life forever.

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