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OSHA fines New York hospital over contaminated laundry

Businesses have important decisions to make about operating efficiently and protecting the bottom line. But when those decisions put their workers' health and safety at risk, OSHA will draw the line. Our Utica readers need look no further for evidence of this than a recent story from New York-Presbyterian hospital.

Work-related accident claims involving noise exposure

When many New Yorkers think of workplace accidents and workers' compensation cases, they may immediately think of back injuries, machinery accidents and chemical-related injuries. However, exposure to loud noises is a common, but not much-talked-about, concern. Occupational hearing loss has actually been a major concern for more than two decades. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 20,000 work-related accident claims annually. If you are concerned about loud noise in the workplace, here are some worker safety guidelines to consider.

I want to prevent a work-related accident: How can OSHA help?

Workplace safety is often overlooked. However, many New Yorkers work in factories, on construction sites and in other unsafe areas. The truth is that a work-related accident can happen to any employee at any time. The main mission of the Occupational Safety and Health Act is to keep work sites accident free, and with help from employees and employers alike, this goal can be accomplished.

Reduce risk of work-related accident when hiring students

Students bring a lot of value to small businesses in New York. With no classes during the summer, students can work flexible schedules. Plus, they often work for low wages and bring fresh new ideas to the company. However, of the 19% of small businesses expected to hire student workers this summer, 27% do not offer any safety training. This can pose some serious workplace safety issues.

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