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How does OSHA help?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency dedicated to the safety of workers and the enforcement of safety regulations. The organization has a presence in all 50 states and covers most private sector employers and workers. OSHA's main goal is to provide a safe workplace for workers. As part of its job it conducts inspections and investigates accidents. New York private employers are monitored directly by the federal OSHA.

I want to prevent a work-related accident: How can OSHA help?

Workplace safety is often overlooked. However, many New Yorkers work in factories, on construction sites and in other unsafe areas. The truth is that a work-related accident can happen to any employee at any time. The main mission of the Occupational Safety and Health Act is to keep work sites accident free, and with help from employees and employers alike, this goal can be accomplished.

Reduce risk of work-related accident when hiring students

Students bring a lot of value to small businesses in New York. With no classes during the summer, students can work flexible schedules. Plus, they often work for low wages and bring fresh new ideas to the company. However, of the 19% of small businesses expected to hire student workers this summer, 27% do not offer any safety training. This can pose some serious workplace safety issues.

Work accident results in man's death

Workplace safety is vital, especially when jobs that could be considered risky are underway in Syracuse. This is especially true when the job involves construction. Construction workers rely on their employers to ensure that the site is up to code and free of unnecessary dangers. Many work-related accident claims are a product of there being violations that the employer didn't take care to prevent. If a worker is injured or killed as a result of a work accident, the worker and his or her family have a right to seek compensation.

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